In the early 1990s, two of the hobby’s best-known characters personalities, Terry J. Webb, author of “The Garage Kit That Ate My Wallet” book series, and David Fisher, creator of the “Modelmania™” instructional modeling DVD series, joined forces to create the world’s number one source for all that is new in one of the fastest growing sci-fi/ horror/fantasy models kits and collectibles!

Discover for yourself what’s so amazing about AFM: dazzling full color, eye-popping international hobby coverage, and a format that is often copied but never duplicated!

For over twenty years, AFM has featured comprehensive modeling instruction by some of the best modelers in the industry, product reviews, entertaining interviews, and profiles with some of the top names and manufacturers in the hobby, and hobby-related  events.

If your local bookstore or hobby shop doesn’t carry Amazing Figure Modeler, ask them to start! To ensure that you don't miss an issue, subscribe today! Discover what thousands of readers world-wide already know, AFM is THE source for modeling instruction!  They don't call them "amazing" for nothing!

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Aaron Lovejoy, Elizabeth Beckley, and Matt DiPietro are industry experts with well over 35 years of experience between them. They have worked for some of the largest companies in our industry including Privateer Press, Kingdom Death, Reaper Miniatures, Flying Frog Productions, Cool Mini or Not, Ninja Division, and Dark Sword Miniatures! Between the three artists, they have won 5 Best of Shows, 13 Crystal Brush Trophies, 10 Golden Demons, 3 Sophie Trophies, and 7 Draconic Awards Trophies, and numerous other awards. They have teamed up to create Miniature Monthly.

Featuring products from some of the top companies in the gaming and miniatures industry, Miniature Monthly gives you the tools to be the best painter you can possibly be with some of the most comprehensive painting tutorial videos on airbrushing, model-building, model conversions, and sculpting bases. Join today and be a part of a community of talented, cool, and friendly folks who enjoy this hobby as much as you do. You even have a chance to win one of the Black Heart microMANIA busts each month! Ready to take your painting and modeling to the next level??

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Metalhead Minis Commissioned Miniature Painting and Consignment was established in July of 2009.  Over the years, what started out as one person just painting miniatures has become a full-fledged company that provides services such as miniature painting to other companies and clients all over the world!  Along with an awesome crew that is family.  Our Crew consists of Lyn, Brandon, Alexia, Craig, Will, and Ashley.  Combined, our crew has decades of experience with all different genres of gaming, miniatures, and miniature gaming. 

Services include:

-   Commissioned miniature painting for table top gaming (single characters, NPC's, armies, and terrain), collector display, and dioramas       at a reasonable price. Quotes are given on a case by case basis depending on size, amount of detail, preparation and assembly,                 quality of paint job, type of basing, etc. 
-   Consignment sales of Miniatures, table top war gaming supplies, other gaming related supplies, and collectibles.
-   Metalhead Minis Hobby Classes at conventions and local game stores.
-   Private lessons.

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