Big Head Busts Earthbound Studios

Earthbound  Studios is going on hiatus for the next several months. Consequently, Earthbound kits will be unavailable until mid- to late 2021.  This is only temporary and is the result of Mark Brokaw, Earthbound's owner taking time off to work on a stop-motion animation film being produced by NETFLIX. Here is Mark Brokaw's message for Earthbound fans:

“Time to take a break from Earthbound until I am done working on the Wendell and Wild project next year. I hate to stop my business but necessary and will just be temporary. Mark Warthling and I are partnered up on The Creature Walks Among Us Big Head and that kit will be available later this year. Mark Warthling will still offer the Sanda and Gaira Big Heads also. 'I Will Be Back' and thanks for all the support everyone has shown over the years, truly appreciated. Mark Brokaw”


Black Heart wishes Mark well in his work for this new stop-motion animation film.  And, we look forward to Earthbound’s return in 2021.